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NRA State Precision Pistol Championship

.22 Caliber Only Aggregate Match

NRA Distinguished Revolver Match

 with CMP Service Pistol EIC Match and CMP .22 RIMFIRE EIC Pistol Match

Sponsored by The Florida Sports Shooting Association


Hosted by Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club

--- SCORES ---

Full Match Program here...

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Date:  To Be Announced

Location:  Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club, 9301 Zambito Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Eligibility This Tournament is open to all shooters and new shooters are welcomed. However, The State Champion must be a Florida State resident and current Florida Sport Shooting Association (FSSA) member. Refer to NRA Precision Pistol rules for further guidance.

NRA Membership:  NRA membership is encouraged, but not required to compete. In order to enter scores of competitors in the computer classification system, all competitors who are NRA members must provide their NRA member ID number on their registration form.  Non-NRA members who have a classification number must put that number on their entry card.   

State Association Membership:  FSSA membership or other state association membership is strongly encouraged to compete in this match.  Information on FSSA membership may be obtained at:  Membership applications will be available at the match.

Rules Current NRA Precision Pistol Rules will govern for the Regional Championship, .22 Caliber Only Aggregate Match and NRA Distinguished Revolver Match.  NRA Pistol rules are available on-line at:  Current Civilian Marksmanship Program rules will govern for the CMP Service Pistol EIC Match and CMP .22 Rimfire EIC Pistol Match. CMP  rules are available on-line at:  CMP affidavits will be processed during check in.  

Classification:  The NRA classification system will be used in all matches.  Individuals who have not been classified will fire in the Master Class.  Rule 19.6 (Assigned Classification) may be used. 

Classes:  A minimum of 4 competitors (or 4 teams) will constitute a class.  If less than 4 competitors (or 4 teams), those competitors will compete in the next higher class.  If there are less than 4 High Masters in a category/class, they will compete for open awards only.

Categories:   Four or more shooters are required to make a category as defined by NRA rules. 

Divisions:  Open and Metallic Divisions will be recognized.   A minimum of 4 competitors will constitute a Division within a class.  If there are less than 4 competitors within a Division, those competitors will compete in the next higher Division.  (Metallic > Open).  Scores within the Divisions for all shooters will count toward NRA Classification.

.22 Caliber Only Aggregate Match:  Shooters wishing to fire the .22 Caliber Only Aggregate Match are welcome to register, but will not be eligible for the State Champion award.  See NRA rule 22.

Scoring, Challenges & Protests:  Scoring will be done in target frames after each designated course of fire (ten rounds for NRA and CMP matches) Challenge fee, $3.00. All scorers may use scoring overlays. Plugs will be used by tournament officials only.  See NRA rule 16 for challenge and protest procedure.

Squadding:  All matches will be squadded.  Squadding assignments for individual matches will be issued from the Statistical Office and will be available on Friday, October 16 from 1:00 to 5:30 PM.  Competitors must pick up competitors packets prior to shooting.  FSSA membership cards and NRA classification cards must be exhibited before issue of squadding tickets.  A competitor who fails to obtain his squadding tickets or who fails to present himself at the proper firing point when his relay is called may lose his right to compete in that event.  

Awards:  The State Championship winner will receive a trophy plaque provided by FSSA.  GRPC will issue individual cash (check) awards for open and class winners in Matches 1-18 and class winners in Match 19.  Second and third place class awards will be given for 8 and 12 competitors in class respectively.    Category and Division winners will also receive awards.  Achievement Pins/Medals for the CMP Service Pistol EIC Match and CMP .22 Rimfire EIC Pistol Match will be provided by the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  All other awards are provided by FSSA & Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club with 50% minimum of fees (less NRA & FSSA registration fees) being awarded back to the competitors.

 Aggregate Matches

Match 5 - Regional .22 Caliber Championship, aggregate of Matches 1, 2, 3, and 4

Match 11 - Regional Center Fire Championship, aggregate of Matches 7, 8, 9, and 10

Match 17 - Regional .45 Caliber Championship, aggregate of Matches 13, 14, 15, and 16

Match 19 - Regional Championship, aggregate of Matches 5, 11, and 17

Practice:   The range will be open to competitors wishing to practice on Friday October 16th, from 1:00-5:30 PM.  Competitors who wish to practice must pick up their competitor packet prior to practice.

Directions to Rangeclick for google maps

Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club, 

9301 Zambito Road, 

Jacksonville,  FL 32210

From I-295, take 103rd Street West 3 miles to Old Middleburg Road (Circle K/Mobile station on right); turn right (North) and proceed 1 mile to Noroad at stop light; turn left (West), proceeding 1.2 miles to Zambito Road: turn right (North), proceed 0.5 miles to club driveway, on right.  Drive up to the entry cross bar.  It will open automatically.  Turn right and follow the road around to the 25/50 yard range. 

Lodging:  There are a number of moderately priced motels within 5-10 miles of the range.  Note: Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club no longer offers on site camping/RV hook ups.  Contact the Match Director for details. 

Entries:  Entries in individual events will be made by using the enclosed Statistical Office Record Form accompanied by check or money order.  Please make checks payable to Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club.  

  • Be sure to indicate your correct NRA classification, division, category and NRA membership ID number.  Please include your FSSA or state association number.  Confirmation via regular mail will be made only if the competitor encloses a self-addressed, stamped envelope or postcard.  Mail the entry form with correct fee TO: 

            Ted Carter

            Attn: Florida State Championship

            4412 Hood Road

            Jacksonville, FL 32257

  Competitors may scan and return their entry form via e-mail to,

            Subject line: FL State Championship Match Entry. 

 NOTE:  If you do not get an e-mail response back within several days of sending your registration, you may contact the Match Director at: 904-880-1715. 

Entries Close:  Individual match entries close at 4:00 PM on October 16th.  Team match entries close at 8:00 AM of the day the team matches are to be fired. 

Entries Limited:  Entries are limited to 50 competitors.  Preference will be given Florida State residents and to competitors who fire the full schedule. 

Post Entries:  Entries received after 1 October will be accepted up to the stated limit of the range, provided such entries will not require special relays and must include a $10 late fee.


Entry Fee for Registered 2700

$85 (Includes NRA & FSSA fees)

Entry Fee for individual 900


Entry Fee for Junior (NRA rule 2.3)


Entry Fee for individual 900 (Junior)


Late Entry Fee (after October 1)


Team Matches (.22, CF & 45)

$10 (2/4 person "Paper" team)

NRA Distinguished Revolver Match

$5 (if shooting any/all of NRA 2700 match)

NRA Distinguished Revolver Match

$10 (if no NRA match included)

CMP Service Pistol EIC Match


CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match


Second Amendment Freedom Match



Match Schedule 

Time of Firing:  Firing will commence at 8:00 AM each day.  Based on the number of competitors, the Match Director will adjust the starting time to 9:00 AM on Sunday if only one relay is needed.

 Saturday, relay start times

8:00 AM

Relay 1

9:45 AM*

CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC

10:30 AM *

Relay 2

12:15 PM*

CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC

1:00 PM

3:00 PM

Relay 1

Relay 2

Sunday, relay start times

8:00 AM

Relay 1

9:45 AM*

NRA Dist Revolver/CMP Service Pistol EIC

10:30 AM*

Relay 2

  12:15 PM*

NRA Dist Revolver/CMP Service Pistol EIC

1:00 PM*

Second Amendment Freedom  Match


Award Ceremony (conducted as soon as possible after final relay and upon receipt & recording of all scores by the  statistical officer)

* Times are approximate

Based on the number of competitors, the Match Director will adjust the starting time to 9:00 AM on Sunday if only one relay is needed.

            Saturday, October 17, 2020 Match 1 - .22 Caliber Slow Fire

                                        Match 2 - .22 Caliber National Match Course

                                        Match 3 - .22 Caliber Timed Fire

                                        Match 4 - .22 Caliber Rapid Fire

                                         CMP .22 Rimfire EIC Pistol Match (following 1st and 2nd relays of the .22 Caliber Match)

            Saturday, October 17, 2020    Match 7 - Center Fire Slow Fire

                                          Match 8 - Center Fire National Match Course

                                           Match 9 - Center Fire Timed Fire

                                           Match 10 - Center Fire Rapid Fire

              Sunday, October 18, 2020   Match 13 - .45 cal Slow Fire

                                            Match 14 - .45 cal National Match Course

                                             Match 15 - .45 cal Timed Fire

                                              Match 16 - .45 cal Rapid Fire

      NRA Distinguished Revolver Match / CMP Service Pistol EIC Match (following 1st and 2nd relays of the .45 Caliber Match)

                                                  Second Amendment Freedom Match (limited 2 relays)


The Second Amendment Freedom Match:  Sunday, October 18th, this is a special match following the conclusion of the .45 Match, for competitors wishing to participate.  This is a standalone match and has no impact on the state championship.

The Second Amendment Freedom Match (SAFM) is a National Match Course (30 rounds) fired at 25 yards on the B-8 target for slow, timed and rapid fire.  Slow fire time limit will be reduced to 5 minutes for 10 rounds.  Competitors will be allowed to use one or two hands as they desire.  Timed and rapid fire will begin with the loaded pistol pointed down at a 45-degree angle, without touching the bench.  There will be no alibi strings except for a range malfunction.

The authorized pistol is intended to be an "out of the box" non-match conditioned firearm similar to your personal defense / home defense firearm.  The Match Director will be the final authority on authorized pistols.

Ammunition is any safe, non magnum, load for your particular firearm.

Cost for the SAFM is $5.00 with 50% of the registration fees going to support FSSA's  junior program, and the remaining 50% being divided among  randomly selected competitors(s).  The number or entries will determine the number of randomly selected competitors eligible for cash awards.

This match is designed to be a fun match.

The Florida Sport Shooting Association  - June 2017

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