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Hurricane Idalia

Dear FSSA members,

As I write this, the effects of Hurricane Idalia are already impacting portions of southwest Florida.  Your FSSA Board, many of us who live in the projected path of Idalia, are monitoring the hurricane’s projected strength and path and are making preparations…as I hope you are as well.  Many of you have experienced Florida’s hurricanes before and know just what to do to prepare.  I urge you to help your friends and neighbors, who may be experiencing their first hurricane.  We live in a great state, however being in a hurricane prone region, you and a whole bunch of gun owners have been and will be affected by these destructive weather events. Given that property protection is a vital step in preparing for a storm, make sure you give special consideration to what you are doing to safeguard your firearms and how best to store them.

If you have insurance for your firearms, you have some peace of mind.  But if you’re like me, you’ll want to do everything possible to protect your firearm, and not have to submit a claim…especially for that very special firearm.

Take a look at how you’re storing your guns. I hope that most of us have invested in a firearm safe, a necessity for both security reasons and for safety from natural disasters. Check your safe for areas of water intrusion and add some extra desiccant/ moisture removal products to keep moisture from building up in your safe.

If you don’t have a safe and are making do with a security cabinet or some other storage approach, you can still protect your firearms from moisture. Give your firearms a good cleaning and then lightly lubricate them with high-quality gun oil. Finally put them in an airtight plastic bag or wrap them in a plastic wrap and store them, unloaded. If the possibility exists that you will be evacuating and leaving your firearms in your home, consider wrapping and storing the bolts or slides separately in a hidden spot or taking them with you.  Avoid arming the bad guys.

If you are evacuating and you might involve out-of-state travel, you’ll will want to know the laws which apply to your destination, for both gun ownership in general and concealed carry in particular. Do some research and form a plan in advance.

If you’re an FSSA member outside of Florida or the storm zone, please look at ways you can donate to a charity or agency that is providing assistance.  After Hurricane Idalia passes, there will be many folks in need.

My prayer is that you and your family stay safe no matter what your plans are for dealing with Hurricane Idalia and its aftermath.


Ted Carter

President  Florida Sport Shooting Association 



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August is National Shooting Sports Month!

People can go target shooting year-round, but the month of August is National Shooting Sports Month— a time for the community of firearms owners to celebrate and enjoy the shooting sports with friends, family and newcomers they want to introduce to these lifetime activities.

In 2017, the National Shooting Sports Foundation established August to be National Shooting Sports Month—and its declaration met with widespread approval. This first-ever national celebration of the shooting sports attracted thousands of participants to local shooting ranges, ranges and firearms retailers listed hundreds of special events and other segments of the firearms industry supported National Shooting Sports Month (NSSM) as sponsors and through donations of sweepstakes prizes.

Why National Shooting Sports Month?

Firearms owners deserve a dedicated time that draws positive attention to their sports and its many benefits, and to simply serve as a reminder to make time to enjoy a day at the range whether by themselves or with a friend or family member.

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The Florida Sport Shooting Association  - June 2017 

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