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June 2020

Dear FSSA members,

Summer is upon us and we are quickly approaching our nation’s Independence Day commemoration.

I hope you all are well.  It’s been one heck of a past six months.  While there have been challenging times in the past, I can’t seem to think of a recent time when our way of life has been so impacted, so disrupted by such a variety of events.

It was disappointing to see the 2020 Summer Olympics get rescheduled to July 2021.  Florida had two of our junior shooters who were going to represent the USA in Tokyo.  The cancelling of the 2020 NRA and CMP National Championships, and the cancelling of USA Shooting State Junior Olympic matches and USAS matches impacted competitors throughout our state and across the country.  On a bit of good news, NRA, CMP and USAS have begun sanctioning tournaments again, with the directive to all match sponsors that local, state, and Federal COVID-19 restrictions be followed. 

I was further encouraged to see that many ranges did not shut down, and that the ranges that did shut down or reduce operations are open again to their members and others to enjoy shooting.  Florida continues to be a great state for hunting, recreational shooting, and competitive shooting.

During the past few months, your directors took time to thoroughly review the FSSA Bylaws.  We had tried on several past annual meetings to enact bylaw changes, but were unable to, due to not having a quorum of members present to vote on changes.  Our obligation to our members made it necessary to look at options to amend and update the bylaws.  To do that, your directors voted to make a change to the FSSA Articles of Incorporation, making it possible for either the Directors or a quorum of members to enact bylaw changes.  Once done, we were able to update and restate our bylaws.  The most significant change to the bylaws enabled voting members to cast their vote via proxy, thus making it possible to conduct association business without requiring a quorum of member’s in attendance at the annual FSSA Member’s Meeting.  The Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and summary of bylaw changes are posted on the FSSA website: https://flssa.org/Official-Records-of-the-FSSA.  If you have any questions or comments, I look forward to hearing from you at president@flssa.org.

Florida continues as a Second Amendment friendly and welcoming state.  We are only able to enjoy our freedoms when we are represented at the Federal, State and Local levels by officials who value and fully support our constitutional right to own firearms.  We’ve seen what happens when good people do not exercise their right to vote.  Let’s all do everything we can to ensure our local communities, our state and our country remain committed to preserving our Second Amendment Freedoms.  Stay informed!!  Be involved to the extent that you are able!!  Get out and vote!!  Help others register and get out and vote!!  Our founders gave us a country, second to none.  Let July 4th re-inspire us to keep our nation free.

Thank you for your membership in FSSA.  Please continue to encourage others to renew or join.  To FSSA’s affiliated clubs, thank you for your continued support.  Please let us know what is happening at your club, so we can share with our members.

Be well, stay safe, and enjoy our (your) USA’s great Independence Day celebration.


FSSA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The FSSA website has a link for members and non-members to make a charitable contribution to our state association, and your gift may be tax deductible. To make a donation, click the link "Make a donation to FSSA". The donation can be designated to any of our discipline programs, our junior activities or our general fund. 

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Florida Juniors Update

This week we are proud to announce that Florida juniors are competing at the American Smallbore Shooting Association's National Championships. The match is being hosted at the Wa-Ke'-De Range in Bristol, Indiana. This will be the only smallbore nationals held this year since NRA, CMP and other organizations have canceled. FSSA provided considerable support toward transportation and lodging for this match, as well as team fees.

The match will consist of 10 days of outdoor shooting events. The prone matches will be 640 record shots at distances of 50 yards, 50 meters, and 100 yards. Three-position matches will test shooters on the challenging 50 meter metric target over two days of rigorous competition with the best of the nation on the firing line.

Matt Sanchez and Mary Tucker, 2020 Olympians and junior national record holders, will be teaming up once again for the junior team event. 

The FSSA team will include James Doucett, Carson Wood, Kara Janowski, Emma Stanton, and Lake Yoke. Coaches Jamie Shipley, Lake Yoke and Jayme Shipley will be on the line coaching the shooters. Our juniors will be competing with shooters from across the nation, representing organizations such as the AMU, USA Shooting, NRA Champions and many more! 

This is also an exciting match for our organization as our FSSA Junior Director, Jayme Shipley, has the distinct honor of taking the ceremonial first shot of the competition. We are very excited for this match and look forward to sending updates!

The Florida Sport Shooting Association  - June 2017 

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